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Everybody needs a kiss.
Everybody needs to think outside the box.
Everybody needs a chance to pucker.
Everybody needs some of Ruthie's joy!
Everyone needs a new idea!

Liptiful Lips

One day I was sitting down...well, I don't do that very often after 13 years of homeschooling and 8 children to tend to, but this day of 2011 I remember very well as little Ruthie came up to me with her big plumped lips. From that particular day; I thought there has to be something to this because she had done it before and the way she did it that day so like, "Mom please see this", showed me I should pay attention and think this through. I love that funny Ruth Anne!
I am certified as a global Instructor for Facial Fitness Systems, Inc. Long story short, we started researching the whole idea of natural lip plumping and lip muscles. I knew there had to be a cheaper way for women and teens to plump, and I knew there should be an exercise tool to help with those difficult lip area exercises. They were hard for even me after doing them for two years.
We changed her original "tool" idea of a bottle cap to a cap we found at Lowes. That was a funny night shopping at Lowes looking for lip plumpers! The designs we were casting here at the house were lip-shaped Liptifuls and heart shapes, too. And that was a tough beginning. The molds failed a lot. We now have new shapes made out of natural clay and these are truly the best so far!
We are realizing there are many exercises developed for Down Syndrome kids that help strengthen weak muscle tone in their cheeks, and this tool of ours can make their exercise much more fun! What about Bell's Palsy recovering patients and stroke patients?
Please tell Occupational Therapists everywhere to try this idea. Let's do something new and exciting for these wonderful people. Let's bring more hope!
Okay girls, no more lip balm addictions either. Use the natural increase of fluid to your lips to help with dryness, and try our all-natural organic lip honey for total yumminess for your lips. It's good stuff!!
Here on Etsy we are selling our idea in hopes it will encourage many struggling with lip muscle weakness or just the desire to have fuller lips. Please enjoy and have fun with our soon-to-be-famous Liptiful Tool! Please share our story so women and teens will have more beauty options.
Joanna Shepherd
owner, Mom of 8, Wife too
I've been teaching my kids at home since 1999. Andy & I love creating stuff and for years remodeled homes to resell. Now with the kids' artistic abilities we make these Liptifuls, and hope to expand our items this year and grow.
Ruth Anne
owner, Inventor, assistant
Laura Catherine
designer, Beautiful Kind Heart, customer_service
Susanna Christine
designer, Princess, photographer
Andy Shepherd
owner, Hubby, Mold Design
Jim Nicholas
Accountant, shipper, Beautiful Son
Liptiful uses 2 manufacturers.


  • Mold Designer United States Very thankful for our designer who made all the prototype molds.
  • Pottery United States Thankful very much for three companies so far who have perfected our shapes, colors and design process. It's fun to grow slow and we are now making them ourselves also.