LisaMcIlvainArt's Shop Announcement

You know when you were little and you discovered your first favorite book?? You carried it around everywhere and bugged everyone relentlessly until they read it to you? And after awhile you didn't even need them anymore because you had memorized each word and could read it to your self. Well for me that book was The Borrowers by Mary Norton. It's a classic childrens story about a family of tiny people who live in the walls of a regular size family's house. They borrow things left behind or forgotten and create their own little world from everyone elses cast-off's. The things they created fascinated me and as I grew up that fascination remained and has evolved into a business. I create unique pieces from the things people leave behind. From vintage vignettes to one-of-a kind artworks. If you like what you see come visit my blog at tarnished and
I will ship international, contact me for rates.

***** Re-stocking my shop with wonderful treasures. Check back soon!*************