LittleAmber's Shop Announcement

Baby pink, baby blue and white mobiles coming soon... Dear clients. Thank you so much for supporting my work and enabling me to add value to your homes and hearts. I make unique and exquisite feather jewelry and home decor. My products are the result of many years of experience in working with feathers and a wish to give you back as much energy and value as you've given to my art and life.

The story of feathers...
Feathers are a natural, lightweight, flexible, soft and colorful material, allowing infinite possibilities and forms.
With precise work feathers can be shaped into strong, elegant features or we can just indulge in them and let their playful, adventurous and charming qualities prevail.
The beauty of the feathers is often highlighted with the selected semi-precious stones, Baltic amber beads, glass beads, shells, pearls, seed beads, handmade ceramics and various ornaments.

Feathers have long been particularly important to humans. They radiate human’s hidden desires, character, loyalty, belief, passion ...
Nature is an artist. Every feather is unique. Every feather has its own power and magic. Every combination of feathers has its own story to tell. A story that takes us back to a time when people still knew how to listen to nature.

My feather jewels are just like you - one of a kind!