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***ANNOUNCEMENT*** SHOP WILL BE CLOSED FOR A FEW WEEKS EFFECTIVE MAY 27TH, 2015 WHILE WE RELOCATE TO FLORIDA THE SUNSHINE STATE!! If you place an order during this time please know that there will be a delay. Thank you for understanding. :)

Life is what you make it,, so make it a blessing to yourself and others!
JAMES 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above

In reference to Doll Order reviews - as you can see I do sometimes get a few bad doll order reviews. I would like to state that the people who leave these reviews also do NOT return the dolls so for the most part they are experienced collectors who want a reborn doll and do not want to pay the $400 and up prices that other artists charge so they get mine pick it apart but do not want to return it. I offer a FULL refund for all doll orders returned within 10 days of receipt if they are unhappy with the doll. I do not make dolls to win awards or for the experienced collector who wants a top quality doll as then I would have to charge over twice as much for my dolls. I make these dolls for girls who want a reborn doll who cannot otherwise afford the high prices of other artists. I make the dolls to make little girls happy! I have sold over 350 dolls with only 12 negative reviews so for the most part the little girls that get my dolls are very happy and THAT is why I do this :) :)
I offer layaway payments as well so that it is an affordable way to purchase a reborn doll. At the same time I realize I can never make everyone happy and everyone does not have the same opinion of how their doll should be but again I offer a full refund as long as the doll is returned within 10 days of receipt. I am very honest and up front about my dolls so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Thanks so much and I appreciate all of my wonderful customers who also put a smile on my face!! Love the photos you send of little girls and their dolls!!!
Please remember that my reborn dolls are hand made not factory made therefore are not able to withstand daily play by children. The collectible dolls are for display or to be held carefully like real babies. That being said you can certainly purchase them for children but be aware that the hair, eyes, eyelashes etc are fragile so should be handled with care. :) I have cases where people have left a negative review due to the baby dolls hair coming off, Eyes coming loose etc due to rough play. I am happy to fix these issues for you but please know this is NOT due to poor craftsmanship as it is an art doll not a factory doll.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a now a section for my dolls that are Child Friendly which means they have closed eyes and no hair to be pulled out etc. A much better choice for the littlest moms or those who play with their dolls on a daily basis.

We have doll accessory packages including magnetic pacifiers, fake milk bottles, hospital bracelets, blankets, hats. Exactly what you need for your baby.

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Hand Rooted hair is an additional $99 to every doll as it is very time consuming and it may be up to 8 weeks to completion. There will be no HAND ROOTED Hair orders taken after OCTOBER 1st.
It will be a 3-4 week wait for your doll unless specified otherwise in listings
I work on dolls non stop starting in September so that every little girl wanting a
baby can get one! :)

For the price I charge for my reborn dolls I try to make them affordable for any girl who wants one that might not be able to afford the very expensive ones found on ebay or other artists.

I do NOT recommend a Collectible reborn doll with hair eyelashes and magnetic pacifier for children to play with on a daily basis. They will be better suited to a Child Friendly doll so the hair and eyelashes etc cannot be ripped out. There will be NO partial refunds, free stuff, trades, etc - if you do not like your doll you may return it for a full refund. That is my policy for 2015. If you have complaints about your doll but yet do not want to return it that is your option. I have no problem fully refunding anyone upon return of the doll. :) DOLL AND ALL CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF RECEIPT IF YOU WANT A FULL REFUND. THANK YOU!! :)

Magnetic Pacifiers - you must be aware of the potential dangers. To Learn more check out this link

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