Announcement   Thank you for visiting my treasure trove! May you find something that speaks to your soul, for it is offered with many blessings!


Last updated on Jul 9, 2017

Thank you for visiting my treasure trove! May you find something that speaks to your soul, for it is offered with many blessings!

Sarah Sigler

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Sarah Sigler


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May looking back at the past bring the light to your future. "Take your candle and go light your world."


Because I have two parts of my soul that frequently speak to me—the desire to reuse and find hidden beauty, as well as the desire to create – my shop has two main sections -- unique vintage and hand-craftted vinyl.

I have always had a strong attachment to history, to how it intertwines with the present and the future. I truly believe that the shared memories of the every-day goings on weave themselves into the fabric and material in the items that surround us, and this joy can be felt and continued to be shared with reuse (this is why I love vintage!). Reduce, reuse, recycle! Vinyl allows me the opportunity to give birth to new hope, to new joy and to spread the good word of our Lord and savior, to plant the seeds, so to speak, and allow His light to shine into this world.

I have had many hardships in life but God has also offered me many different blessings, many different experiences, and littleblessingsUS is where all those treasures have converged! This is why I refer to my shop as “the treasure trove.”


"For the lover of vintage, the flaws often reveal the item's character and story."

Life can be good and bad, and this story is etched in the things that surround us. Each item holds within itself a story, one from the past, one from the moment at hand, and one yet to be told. This site hopes to be another link in the chain of a shared history.

I prefer to find and list that which is unique and not often found. With that being said, what draws my attention may not be exactly what you are looking for, and I always keep my eyes peeled for new finds no matter where I go. (If you are interested in something but do not see it in my shop, please send me an e-mail, and I will keep my eyes and ears peeled for what you might be searching for. Teamwork always makes things better!)


My studio is my basement and all stickers are made personally by me (start to finish).

The process is as follows: I design or convert images using a software program at home on my computer, send the file to a vector cutting plotting machine which then cuts lines into a roll of vinyl material. I take what’s been cut and peel away the remnants not needed, and then manually apply transfer tape. – Voila! The finished product!

My stickers are made with two types of vinyl, either transferable or non-transferable vinyl. Where the sticker is going to be placed and how durable the sticker needs to be determines which material is used.

*** Transferable vinyl should be used for interior design, such as on walls, the kitchen fridge, mirrors, etc. Using transferable vinyl means that even though the sticker stays well where it is placed, it can still be easily removed when desired without causing damage to the underlying surface. Although listed as “transferable,” once removed from a surface, the stickers do will not always adhere to a new surface very well, so are not always “reusable.”

*** Non-transferable vinyl is semi-permanent and has a stronger, more abrasive and more difficult to remove adhesive. It is therefore used for such things as laptop and phone case decals, journal and bookmark making, car windows and bumper stickers. It is more permanent and usually requires use of goo-be-gone or some sort of cleaning to the surface it was applied to once removed. I do not recommend using non-transferable vinyl on indoor walls or any material that the glue may cause the material to be damaged or pulled up.

*** Each listing distinguishes which type of vinyl is going to be used unless arrangements are made for something different prior to ordering. With that being said, since I offer both materials, if an item is listed one way and you would like the opposite, please contact me. I would love to work to create what you need!

I love working with vinyl, because to do so provides me with peace, and incorporates analysis, deconstruction and reconstruction of fragments, just like life!


There is a purpose for everything and a reason each item in this shop was found, listed, discovered and/or created. The rest is history in the making. May you find something that speaks to your soul and may it bring you many blessings!.

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