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An tribute to the Singer Sewing manual of 1949 stating that women should be proper and presentable while sewing
The Little Green Guy Family
My Favorite Little Green painting

Little Green Guy Beginnings

A radical shift happened for me artistically when I began Little Green Guy, my previous work had always been very realistic and detailed. If there was one thing I was horrible at it was characters and “light heart-ed” art if you will. What started as a late night sketch of a plush that I made was received very well by friends, and thus the start of Little Green Guy, and I have to say I have never been more proud of myself and my art.

I get inspiration from the silliest things. Recently when creating my newest addition to my monster family, Charlie, I was inspired by a dog toy.

For my illustrations, my children inspire me daily. Any time I see them doing something silly or getting into trouble I translate their mischief to my Little Green Guy paintings. Even sweet moments with my children, the You Are My Sunshine painting for example, it is amazing to me how such a simple character can depict such emotion.
Brittany Martin
owner, designer
Brittany Martin has been drawing since she was able to hold a pencil. Now a mother of two, the twenty-four year old artist has stepped out of her comfort zone, taking a turn towards the light hearted and whimsical by creating the Little Green Guy.

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