Little Hero Capes™ by Discovery Denim

Up and Away!

Allison Faunce is the superwoman behind Little Hero Capes. The inspiration behind her first cape: watching her son fly around the living room with a dishtowel ties around the neck, flapping in the wind. At that moment Allison saw the unique ability superhero capes had to transform a child - to summon the courage inside every kid. She recognized the mission before her: she would empower children with capes, unleashing the bravery within.
Allison Faunce
owner, maker, designer
Hi! My name is Allison, owner of Little Hero Capes. In 2007, I was inspired to create capes after watching my son fly around the living room with a dishtowel around the neck. At that moment, I saw the unique ability capes had to summon inner courage.
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  • Fall River Apparel, Inc. Fall River, MA, United States Little Hero Capes strive to empower children. Our mission is to create capes with superior quality, from materials to construction. This is why we work with a team of local seamstresses who truly take pride in making Little Hero Capes super!

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