LittleHighness' Shop Announcement

Japanese Silk Thimble ring (Yubinuki), Kanzashi Flower and more of japanese traditional crafts and works of fuccosim.

What is Little Highness:
"Good things comes in small packages." — Cathie Linz
Small, little, humble, fine, petite & dynamically elegant.
Little Highness is a Tokyo-based entity, dedicated to the original hand-stitched reproduction of Lost and Forgotten cultural arts & crafts, from the world's most vibrant cultural arts & crafts -> "Finest sense of cultural honor, Your Highness."

(Oh!!! Not to mention ALL Little Highness arts & crafts souvenirs are handmade/ hand-sewed/ hand-stitched with the patience of love from the bottom of her heart.)

Last but not least, please contact Little Highness for CUSTOM TAILOR Orders. Please do contact Little Highness.