LizardSkins' Shop Announcement

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Featuring gift boxes and ornaments made from aluminum beverage cans! This shop also has vintage blank white clothing, and vintage collectible items.

I love making things from aluminum! Here you will find my own original designs for gift boxes and star ornaments made from post consumer aluminum! I have almost 600 varieties to choose from!

Also in this shop, closeout of Premium, plain white BLANK garments for dye, paint, applique, decoration DIY. Hard to find UNIQUE baby infant toddler styles! Closeout Wholesale Prices, these are vintage garments, all over 20 years old. They were previously painted and sold in boutiques across the country at premium prices. Now you can paint your own!

For years, i painted kids and some adult clothes and sold them under the name Lizard Skins. You may have seen or purchased them in fine boutiques across the country. This is a closeout of the last blank (plain, white, prepared for dye or decorating) items i have in stock.

See how great these dye!

Now i weave. See my other shops at , and