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I am a 21 year old full-time student with an AA in Liberal arts: Humanities and Studio Art, and currently working towards another AA in Fine Art. After I have those degrees under my belt I hope to attend a private college (currently interested in Otis or The Art Academy University), to study Fashion Design.
Becoming a legitimate fashion designer has been a life long dream for me. I have always been acutely interested in the way people dress, and have a lot of fun dressing myself. I use my fashion as an outlet. I feel comfortable dressed up, I don't feel comfortable nor myself in a baggy t-shirt and some sweats. Though, that is not to say I don't wear those things, just never far from my house.

Lizz Grace Design has been a learning experience for me. My esty shop has functioned as a laboratory for me to test and formulate a grasp on how to, not only, design appealing garments but sell them.
I started off by modifying hand selected garments, because at the time it's what made sense to me. Studding, painting and dyeing preexisting garments was appealing and satisfying. I was able to act on impulse, and create a beauty out of the structure of the preexisting garment.
During this time, I allowed the garments I selected to inspire and influence the direction of my design.

Scavenger, is my latest and (to me) greatest project. Through my work with Lizz Grace Design and Yeti Dolls I have gained confidence in my construction abilities, and wanted to challenge myself with making my own garments. I also wanted to cut out the middle man.

It was frustrating for me to have to let down customers who wanted Lizz Grace Design garments simply because I could not reproduce SM, MD and LRGs of garments. This coming from the limitations that stem from modifying up cycled clothing. So, I took it upon myself to create a brand that could provide my designs more effectively to all sorts of body types without limitation.

Thus, the development of Scavenger! A line that is 100% hand constructed from patterns that I have hand drawn and cut. Giving me the power to not only design, but make SM MD and LRGs available.

But I didn't stop there. During my development of designs, I become fascinated with natural dyes and began experimenting with them. So, Scavenger offers garments that are not only hand made, but also naturally dyed with plant matter!

Natural dyes are great alternatives to artificial dyes, that I, through research learned can leach into our skin simply through wearing clothes dyed artificially! I'd much rather have blueberries leaching into me over poisonous metals and chemicals.

Now the story behind Yeti Dolls:
The creation of them was something I never thought to occur. The first and original Yeti Doll is actually a giant marionette doll, that I made for my final project in a 3-D art class.
I got an A on that final, and my teacher fell in love with my Yeti creation. My roommates also fell in love with the yeti. As well as, begged me to make them all one. So the idea sparked in my head to sell them… and thus the Yeti Doll was born.
Yeti Dolls have really helped me establish this Etsy shop. Although I sell the majority of them through local boutiques in my county.
Lizzie Christie
owner, maker, designer
A strongly self motivated crafter and designer.

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