Announcement   Paper bags with real handles. Made in La Mesa, California.


Last updated on Mar 10, 2017

Paper bags with real handles. Made in La Mesa, California.


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Last updated on Jul 28, 2017
Frequently asked questions
Are the bags strong?

Yes! Grocery stores use double layered bags for heavy loads. Local Bags are triple layered, reinforced, and have real handles. The handle attachments alone have no less than 11 layers of materials reinforcing each attachment. If you read the testimonials on the website, you’ll see that many customers describe their bags as “sturdy” and “strong”.

How long do the bags last?

There is no exact way to measure how long a bag will “live”. It depends on how you use and take care of it. As a guestimated average I would say you can expect a good year-ish of use if you follow the Care suggestions on the website ( Some customers I know have had them over 2 years, and counting. Handles should last a lot longer, and can be saved and re-used on new bags. When bags do eventually wear out, you can take the artwork (if any) and do something else with it — frame it, make a card, collage it on a new bag… breathe new life into a piece of the original bag.

The bags are paper, what if they get wet?

Good question. I would say you shouldn’t throw your bag in the pool (although one customer said she took her bag boating, it got completely soaked, she dried it out in the sun, and it lived to tell the tale!) A small amount of moisture, say from carrying cold dairy products, will not hurt the bag — it will dry out well if you leave the bag open for air to circulate. You can place a dish towel in the bottom of the bag, or use (re-use?) plastic bags to wrap products you are worried might spill or sweat too much.

Are the bags recyclable?

Yes, partially. The innermost layer can be put into the paper recycling bin once you have removed the handles and hardware (which themselves can be re-used on a new bag). Use scissors to cut away the grommets and separate the 3 layers. The greatest advantage to the bag ecologically is its longevity and capacity to be used and re-used.

Care instructions

For recommendations on care and use of your Local Bags, see the website page dedicated to Care and FAQs: