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Vintage Postcards:
Repurpose-to give a new purpose or use to
Recycle-Convert (waste) into reusable material
Retouch-To add new details or touches to for correction or improvement.

I know that some people just seem to be attracted to Vintage. From clothes, to bowling balls, or a Wonder Woman Lunch Box and an Under Dog Lithograph found on Ebay (both of which I own), Vintage just brings up a kind of Nostalgia that comes deep from within. The Nostalgia from my own youth is intriguing enough, however, I’m forever finding that Artwork from the 50’s really turns my wheels. The whole era, a time when my parents were in their 20’s…is fascinating to me. My husband assures me that I wouldn’t have fit in to that era, however, It still doesn’t keep me from appreciating everything from the clothes to the hair to the amazing art in which I’m initially premiering in the RRR. My equal love for recycling & repurposing will combine with my art skills to bring some unique, one-of-a-kind piece of Artwork.

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