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Long Winter Soap Co is on hiatus from Etsy for now.

You can still find your stink at >>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://longwinterfarm.com <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

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LongWinterSoapCo's Shop Announcement

Official website: longwinterfarm.com

UNICORN INFO: If you're here and they're not, wait a few hours! If it's sleepy time in the eastern US, you may have to wait more than a few hours. Easy there, Chief.

Current processing time: 3-5 business days

Keep up with my happenings by following me on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/longwinterfarm and liking my fan page on facebook: http://facebook.com/longwinterfarmsoapco

I live in Maine, which is in the Eastern US (GMT -5hrs) time zone. I'm not nocturnal (almost, but not completely) and I have small children, so if you need something at 2am EST, please don't be surprised if I don't resolve it until 5-10 hours later depending on my mommy schedule. Please be sure to read my entire announcement AND policies AND description of listing if applicable before sending a convo, because during busy times I simply can't keep up with making, packing, listing, shipping, and communication, so redundant questions will not receive a response. It doesn't mean I don't love you, it just means I'm one person trying to do seven jobs and I've got to put order processing at the top of my list. If you haven't gotten a response to a question that isn't covered in my shop, please email me directly at amanda [!at] longwinterfarm.com.

I super wish I could keep allllll the things stocked in the shop allllll the time, but it's just not humanly possible. Supplies run out, seasons pass, listings sell out faster than I can make them, and then there are those pesky things called time and sleep and making sure the kids get dinner once in a while. If you haven't seen your favorite scent in the shop for more than a couple weeks just shoot me a note, and if it hasn't been discontinued I'll add it to my weekly to-make list. I'm workin' as fast as I can, and I apologize if that isn't fast enough!

I used to sell sample sized vials of perfume ages ago, but due to time constraints, the surprising amount of labor involved in them, and the fact that my full sized perfumes are awfully inexpensive (come on, you wouldn't use the word "splurge" in reference to a value bucket of chicken at KFC, would you? I mean, not even with biscuits!), I've had to discontinue them. They won't be coming back, sorry!

If you have to conclude your question with "doesn't hurt to ask!" then chances are it does, in fact, hurt to ask. It hurts my heart and my temper.

Curious about the intricate mysteries of handmade soap? Check my shop policies for a nerdy FAQ list.

A note on lip balm flavor oils: They're not supposed to make the lip balm taste like anything, they're just lip-safe versions of fragrance oils. If you ever taste anything from a lip balm, it's because it's sweetened, not flavored! And I don't add sweetener to my balms. If you'd really like to taste something, though, try my citrus, lavender, mint, or anise-flavored balms made with essential oils. Like I've said in every last lip balm listing, your balm will smell a bit like cocoa and honey in addition to whatever flavor you choose because it has unrefined cocoa butter and beeswax in it. Cocoa butter and beeswax smell like cocoa and honey.

And on fragrance oils: Fragrance oils by definition are synthetic. Either totally synthetic or blends of synthetic and natural. If you are sensitive to synthetic fragrance, don't assume from my kraft paper aesthetic that my fragrances won't set you off. They are fragrances. Say it with me. Sensitive to fragrance? Don't buy fragrance. Instead shoot me a convo and ask about the natural stuff! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

ps Just for fun... I don't sell Chapsticks. Chapstick, the company, sells Chapsticks. Just like Hoover sells Hoovers, Kleenex sells Kleenexes, and yes, Dumpster should be capitalized as a trademarked word for trash receptacle as coined by the company, Dumpster. It's sorta like referring to your mom's cookies as Oreos. And that's just nonsense. K, done ranting. You're pretty.