LooneyBinTradingCo's Shop Announcement

*SPECIAL HOLIDAY 2015 NOTE: If it is after October 16, 2015 Your Order will NOT be delivered before the Holidays....Please communicate with us PRIOR to purchase if this is a gift for the Holidays, as we can only accept so many orders for the Holiday Season and must have a cutoff date.

We are guaranteeing Holiday Delivery on all orders purchased on or before October 25th ONLY. If you purchase after this date your order is NOT guaranteed for a Holiday Delivery.

We are happy to provide you with a photo of your item, so you can let your recipient know what is on its way to them after the New Year. Thank you for shopping with us this year!

Reclaim Your Home with Us! We specialize in Handcrafted Custom Furniture and Home Decor from Reclaimed Materials...Let us bring your ideas to life!!! We hope you go a little “CRAZY “at the Looney Bin!

last Updated 10/15/15