Loserkid5150's Shop Announcement

Thanks for checking out my shop. I choose characters randomly so I don't stick to just one game series. I buy both new and used LEGO Bricks and I glue them together with e6000; that's it. Just me and the LEGO at work.

***Taking a break from custom orders. Sorry for the inconvenience.***

NOTE: The prices of my items corresponds with the pricing of LEGO bricks, so when they go up sadly so do my prices. I really hate that so I try to buy used as much as possible at the best price.

I ship (from the U.S.) either 1st class or priority, if you need an item to arrive sooner then contact me to adjust the shipping charge. I also usually ship on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

And if you want more mixed media art and decor and shrines and hair pins and everything else (that's 100% Vegan) then check out my girlfriend's Etsy shop:


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