Local MN Suburbs Fall Art Fair set-up
Outdoor summer Art Fair in my home town of Maple Grove, MN
Me at the Afton Art Fair, soaking up the sun!
Close up of some necklaces for sale at that time
An outdoor fair, my favorite kind, in the gorgeous small town of Afton on the St Croix river border between MN and WI

UK Girl Beads Her Way into the Twin Cities

I come from an artistic family and have always had an interest in color, shapes and textures. After moving to the US from London, I was at a loss to what to do next in my life.

Then one day in late 2004, the phone rang and a friend asked me to go with her to a bead class to learn how to use up some of the beads her mother had left in her estate. So, to please her, off I troop, well to cut a long story short, 30 minutes into a 2 hour class, that's it.......... Lottie's Trinkets is born and rest is history!

I only design each item once and each piece is "born" and given a name. The only exception to this rule is for bridal work where the bride does require matching items for her bridesmaids.
owner, maker, designer, curator, Accountant, Marketeer
I am a Brit ex-pat, currently living in the Minneapolis metro area. I am married, no kids, one cat.........
I am an ex-accountant, returning to my artistic roots.