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9 months

Packaged up and ready to go ( and I promise to include a little something inspirational too ).!

1 year

Fake it with this conch/septum ring!

2 years

Sun Circle oversized hoops!

2 years

Isn't she beautiful? One of my customers sent me this lovely photo of her in the Sun Circle hoops. purple_heartgreen_heartyellow_heart

2 years

A selection of artisan crafted hoop earrings available in my shop. All feather light so as not to drag your lobe!

2 years

Work in progress! I have been finding joy in these little catchers/ mandalas. Wire wrapped by hand and dotted with little wooden turquoise beads.

2 years

One must NOT blend in!

2 years

Beautiful Star Hoops crafted with sterling silver wire. A great seasonal gift!