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I live, play and work with a respectful commitment to all things Beautiful in the Natural World and a deep Reverence for the Gifts of the Universe.

As the daughter of a Marine, I spent my childhood moving quite a bit, but my *LOVE* of Art landed me in Boston at the Massachusetts College of Art where I majored in Illustration and Photography. Over the past 25 years I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and over a dozen Foreign Countries capturing the diverse traditions of arts and images through my photos, sketches, and journals to use as inspiration in my own designs. I consider my work a celebration of the Eclectic, Colorful, and Passionate World we all live in, and a Joyful Salutation to the Artist in all of us.

This Shop reflects my "2-D" Work but my main Focus right now is Pottery, and to that end I have another Shop {it was my 1st Shop here in Etsyland} that is exclusively about my Clay Art and you can go Visit it here:

AND>>>>to top off my Etsyland Universe, I opened a 3rd Shop that is all about Vintage L.O.V.E......YAY! I believe Vintage is the Ultimate Recycling and please go here to see what Beauty-Full Treasures I am letting go of from my Life:

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:) Kristin Love

"Anyone in pursuit of art is responding to a desire to make visible that which is not, to offer the unknown self to others."
Hettie Jones

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Kristin Love
owner, maker, designer, curator, Painter and Clay Artist
LoveArtStudios is ME!!!
I am Kristin Love: Painter; Photographer; Potter; Dreamer; Lover of Words & the Natural World, especially our Feathered Friends. I live in Seattle and create my Paintings and Clay Art at my Home Studio.
Exercise Guru and Creative Inspiration
Play Organizer and Creative Inspiration!

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