LoveToFeatherTheNest's Shop Announcement

ONE of my favorite movies of all time is "THE QUIET MAN" with Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne...My mother and I would watch it at least once a year.....there's a line in the movie where she is speaking of her dowry....with her Irish brogue and quivering voice she says "I want my things about me, there's a hundred years of dreamin in those things, I want them and I'll have them". I would look and mom and she would look at me and we would tear up....understanding this common bond between mom instilled in me as a small child the joy of creating a warm, inviting place of comfort for my loved ones....HOME....and so I carry on the tradition hopefully passing this on to my daughter.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee....come on in and have a might find a feather for your nest!!!!