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LuLu Lancaster

I have been painting all my life. It wasn't until a trip to SFMOMA many years ago that I began to create my own art dolls. An exhibition of Picasso and his sculptures that served as his models for several paintings spurred an idea to create dolls and use them as my model for paintings. Once finished with the painting I found myself with several Dolls. Soon the Dolls overtook the paintings and I found myself wanting to create the dolls sans the paintings. I still Paint quite often and find great joy in both Art forms ;)
Since that start into Art Dolls I have created many Dolls with their own stories to tell. I find the process fascinating, I liken it to painting. It starts with a canvas of a body created from Polymer clay and wire. The emotion and mood are found through the watercolor and pastels applied to the skin. The life is breathed into them when the fabrics are chosen and their stories unfold.
The details are the highlights for me small objects threads and tattered clothing seal the Art Doll into a lasting message from my hands and heart.

I create art that is drawn on both history, my own and others and unfulfilled dreams. The irony of the choices we make along the way and the result of those choices that lead us into situations we find ourselves in as adults. Sometimes not pretty and sometimes a little cheesy but I hope that you can see a snippet of life in the art dolls I create.

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may~Robert Herrick. 1591–1674

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LuLu Lancaster
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I am an Artist living in rural Northern California. I use smilies more than I should ;)