LuannUdell's Shop Announcement

I make artifacts from a lost culture, an imagined prehistory.

I use these artifacts (inspired by prehistoric cave art) in my jewelry, fiber collages and small sculptures.

My artwork is inspired by Ice Age art, found throughout Europe, Asia, and North Africa, and dating back over 30,000 years. Cave paintings of horses, bear, bison, elk, and deer were born by the flickering light of torches, never meant to see the light of day. Artifacts show the caress of human hands.
We do not understand their purpose, nor what they meant to their makers. Their message was not addressed to us. Their meaning is lost to us, forever.
But their power and mystery create profound echoes in our modern hearts.
10,000 years from now, who will hold the makings of OUR hands?
And who will know the mysteries of OUR hearts?

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