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Creation is the Meaning of Life

Aloha, I am Vincent. I just returned from a short hiatus. My store sells different designs I've made for loved ones. Thus, most styles are named after someone I know. Each design starts out with an idea of this person. Bead-by-bead the strands are made, pendants are chosen, based on color, stone, and meaning. The process of finding the right size, color, and even shape of bead may take weeks to complete.

On average, each style has three steps:
1) Planning
2) Design and testing
3) Finalizing
Each style has a sense of uniqueness, with some strands far more randomly arranged than others, this is highly dependent upon who I made it for. My necklaces use a magnetic clasp for easy on-and-off wearing if the style allows; this addition also helps prevent breakage as the magnet will give before the strand.

I have started to add Healing Properties sections to each of my descriptions, because people were interested in the purposes of the stones and what their benefits are.

Note to buyers: I do list lengths in the item descriptions. I generally include a picture of myself wearing it (my neck is roughly 15"). I am including resizing prices in my Policies page, in case you want to lengthen or reduce the length of the necklaces. Also, many of my necklaces have heavy pendants, I have learned from experience not to run while wearing them. Most of my necklaces should not be worn while being extremely active. Treating them gently and carefully will help prolong the life of the necklace. Also, many stones are photosensitive--staying out in bright, direct sunlight, will fade them overtime.

Vincent Lucem

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