LuliBoosBritches' Shop Announcement

It is getting cold - OR IS IT? Make sure you open this info box for our design details. CHECK OUT OUR NEW PRINTS IN COTTON, DENIM, AND WATERPROOF PUL FOR SEASONAL USE AND INCONTINENCE. WE ARE ADDING NEW DENIM AND CORDUROY PRINTS DAILY. ALSO, WE NOW OFFER WASHABLE AND REUSABLE INSERT PADS FOR ALL OF OUR BRITCHES. CONTACT US FOR CUSTOM ORDERS. Dog britches or dog diapers as they are sometimes called are a necessity for a dog in heat, puppy training, dog breeding, or for a senior dog with incontinence. Dog breeders love our Luliboos dog diapers because many of us choose to include our dogs in our family as loving pets – with all the privileges that entails. They are also very handy as a puppy diaper for training purposes.

Snug around the tummy right above the back legs, our patented design has a shaped waistband so they don't bunch. They come in xxx-small/toy, xx-small/long body toy, x-small/short body/stout, small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large but ALSO, in inch sizes, so you can buy exactly the size you need to close properly around the middle.

Check our sizing as a small size can have a waistband closing at 16” around the waist or can have a waistband with 18”. 2 SIZE RANGES - 2 PRICE RANGES PER DESIGN. There is a 3 inch extendable range on each pair of LuliBoos so when your girl gets a little bigger they will still fit – although will not meet exactly perfectly in the middle. They actually fit like a bikini and have room for all weights of pad protection!

IF YOU DON'T ADD A PAD, WE CAN ADD 2-LAYERS OF ZORB II LINER LIKE THE ONES WE USE IN OUR BELLY BANDS FOR ABSORBENCY. IT IS EARTH FRIENDLY AND ANTIBACTERIAL. The quality of our products cannot be beat and we offer a free pair if you send us one from another company that is better in quality and construction. All britches are lined in flannel/fleece/velour so that they are soft to the body. Waistbands are all top-stitched and the ribbon is triple sewed into the band so it will not pull out. The leg casings are made with bias strips and have elastic running the entire length so they also fit snugly around the leg and don’t allow leakage.

All Belly Bands have a triple layer of antibacterial cotton/bamboo stitched into the lining. For most dogs, a pad would be unnecessary but you can add one if you wish.

XXSmall/Toy - 8-10 & 10-12 inches. Typical toy breeds as defined by the AKC. 5 to 12 lbs.

XSmall - 12-14 & 14-16 inches. Minature poodle, Lhasa apso, Jack Russell terrior. 12 to 19 lbs. We also have a longer body version in XS so let us know if this works better for your breed.

Small - 16-18 & 18-20 inches. Wheaton, Welsh, and Boston terrior, Cocker Spaniel, Beagle. 20 to 40 pounds.

Medium - 20-22 & 22-24 inches. Standard poodle, Collie, Boxer, Lab, Retriever, AmStaff. 40 to 70 pounds

Large - 24-26 & 26-28 inches. German shepherd and my friends who like to eat - A LOT; 70 to 90 pounds

XLarge - 28-30 & 30-32 inches. Great Dane, Wolf Hound. Sometimes bigger sizes need special tail measurements so let mom know if you think there might be a question; 90 to 125+.

XXLarge sizes are available for such dogs as the Mastiff. Contact us for special sizing.

Designs come in different fabrics and weights, all lined of course with soft fabrics. Take a look below at the selections and make sure to send an e-mail with your size requirements. Many dogs don't like the sound when you remove the Velcro so ribbon which ties in bows helps in pulling them off quickly. Also, they hold the straps closed after the Velcro starts to wear. Of course if you don’t like the ribbon you can just cut it off.

Fabrics change often because we sell so many! You can never have enough LuliBoo’s. A well-dressed lady needs lots of fashion changes. Some of Lulu's dog and puppy friends are mommies, some are mommies-to-be, and some are seniors, but they ALL LOVE LuliBoos Britches AND Bands.

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