LunaJewlz's Shop Announcement

Welcome to LunaJewlz and happy browsing!

Each natural stone is a small piece of nature's art captured in time! For me, making jewelry is a way of showcasing nature's beauty. Ok ... and a way to indulge in my obsession:)

In my shop you will find high quality, natural stones. Each one is hand picked by me (yes I pick it up and feel it - if it looks good but doesn't "feel" good it doesn't go home with me) and I buy from the best sources. Those who engage in Reiki, Chakra Clearing, or any type of energy work are also familiar with the energies of stones. I quarantee my products, and my workmanship. My techniques range from bead weaving to wire wrapping, pearl knotting, and viking knit. All my pieces are created with an easy spirit and an open heart.

Although I try to create "mainstream" jewelry, I must admit many of my pieces are inspired by my belief that magic surrounds us in this mystical plane we call "earth". I usually listen to music while creating my more "magical" pieces, see my profile for a list of my favorite artists.

If you would like your purchase smudged or "spiritually cleansed" before shipping, please advise. I can use a wonderful white sage or 100% Francinsence oil. (I always smudge anything vintage, antique, or used - just one of my litle quirks.)

Abijhad Ved Vishnuvatti
Universal Love, Sacred Knowledge, One Spirit

LunaJewlz is proud to be a member of ETSY, and supports fellow ETSY artisans by purchasing through our collective community whenever possible. After all, why buy retail and wear what everyone else is wearing when you can buy handmade and have something no one else has?

I hope you enjoy your visit and check back often.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is an important part of my business, so I will do what I can to accommodate you needs or desires!

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