LynnEvaSkoogART's Shop Announcement

Hello! The easiest way to browse my site is to use the shop sections to the left screen. Enjoy!
For the last 20 years I have experienced the joys of Woodland Living in NW Wisconsin.
While kayaking the marshes there I was chastised by tail-slapping beavers, ignored by elegant swans and teased by cheeky loons. These and all of the local wildlife inspired much of my work. I try to capture in each piece a snippet of a story; a momentary interaction with nature.
As a visual artist and chef, I use culinary references often, so let me say - I an a red onion! My process is one of layering: first I take an inventory of my materials then create a recipe or pattern. I next decide which method or style will best express the story. cut wood, foam and copper, glue paper, weave more paper, glue parts together, think for a bit and vanish with beads and twigs and present.
Exercise your creativity every chance you get!