LynnSposito's Shop Announcement

Hello friends, family and fellow artisans!
It’s a sad and yet exciting day for me today as I announce that it’s the last day of my Personalized Memories Handpainted Gifts store.
After 12 years of creating hundreds of custom designed and hand painted plates, platters and gifts, I am turning the page- at the end of this magnificent chapter in my life.
This business has been an incredible gift to me- allowing me to be creative from home, while raising my children. Well, they are no longer children and I am ready to expand my horizons.
It has been an extreme privilege for me to know YOU, to learn about those you care for, enough to create a lasting memory- a personal treasure for them, that they will have for a lifetime. I truly have put my heart and soul into each and every gift that I have made for each and every one of YOU, my clients.
It’s time for me to flex my creative wings as an artist. I will not close this page, as it’s a reflection of me, Lynn Sposito- the ARTIST. So, I would love to invite you to take this journey with me as I discover and share the new artwork that I will be creating. I will be sharing more of my pen and ink drawings, and also the stained glass works that I am envisioning. My goal as an authentic artist, will be to create abundant joy for those around me, those I have yet to meet, those I may never meet- and also for myself, through my art and through the posts I share.
Won’t you come along for the ride? It’s a bittersweet moment, but forward movement , growth and change always brings us to someplace we’ve never been before. Someplace brighter and better. THAT is what I want to share with you. HOPE, FAITH, PEACE, JOY and LOVE- I think we need a little more of these, don’t you?
Thank you!
Lynn Sposito