MAEandMe's Shop Announcement

Just a little bit about me! My name is Rachel. I am a proud mommy to three beautiful girls! I also teach 1st grade! In my spare time, I am ADDICTED to making hairbows! It all started when my oldest was a flower girl in my best friend's wedding. I couldn't find a basic white bow anywhere. So I learned how to make one. It wasn't all that pretty! So of course--my OCD side wouldn't allow me to say that was it. Three years later, I am still at it. But A LOT better at the bow making!

You will find that my bows are very well made. They are sewn together, so you wont be able to pull them out of shape. The ends are sealed, so they will not fray.

I do a lot of craft shows and told over and over again that my prices are too low. I am mom of 3 girls--if I were to buy a bow for all three of them, I dont want to spend more than the outfit cost me that the bow is going to match! I am just frugale! So, yes, my prices might seem low, but the quaility is NOT low at all! You will not be disappointed in anything you purchase. If you are, convo me and we can work it out!

Remember that $2.50 ships your ENTIRE order inside the US. Thanks for looking. If you EVER need anything custom, convo me and we can work together to make that perfect bow!

Thanks again,

ALL MY ALLIGATOR CLIPS ARE PARTIALLY LINED!! I forget to write that in my listings, but they are ALWAYS partially lined!