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I was named after my Gramma, Mary Margaret Jurgens, a German/Irish Catholic lady...our Matriarch, who lived to the age of 93.

She taught me many valuable things, like how to be quiet in church, and how to dress and act like a lady. She taught me that praying is important, and that kindness to others really matters.

She also taught me many practical skills and was the "Ultimate Re-cycler" long before my generation understood WHY is was important. The Depression had a great impact on her, I guess.

She saved everything. She saved rubber bands, and they could always be found stored on doorknobs throughout her house. She folded paper bags, shopping bags, bread bags, neatly after their original use and stored them in a drawer for re-use later. Gift wrap, bows, fabric, string, ribbons....anything that could be re-used was saved.

Skills that she taught me as a child later brought much pleasure to me, as I sewed, knitted, crocheted, painted, cooked, and grew a lovely garden as an adult.

Her ability to make something from nothing amazed me as a child, and proved to be a legacy that has many times helped me thru tough times in my life.

I now live as she did......using what I have to make lovely, useful things.

She will never know that many of the things she taught me would eventually serve as income producing skiills that made me an artisan with a passion for re-using and re-cycling everyday items.

She will never know how much I depended on using these skills and selling the things I made, and using my talent to support us when I was a single mom.

She will never know how much joy it brought me to make something beautiful for MY grandchild.

or..............Maybe she did know. I pray she knows Im grateful.