MAGPIEandMABEL's Shop Announcement

We are a small children's clothing line, Magpie & Mabel, and often have extra fabric that we can't use. Etsy is a great place for us to go green and make sure that fabric goes to good use and not a landfill. We offer yardage, groupings and scrapbags at great prices... an occasionaly a few samples of our clothing!

If you're interested in our clothing line, keep reading! (or go to our website

Welcome! We thought we would take this opportunity to introduce ourselves, so here goes...

Today a word from Michele...

Back in 2002, my very well intentioned mother was running a local craft/street fair and thought it would be a great way for Jenn and I (two stay-at-home moms) to make a little "fun money." Mom rented us a booth and then had a whole slew of ideas for us to make and sell which she had narrowed down to one “great idea.” A sure fire money maker… Giant Carpet Footprints!! Hmmmm… sounds… um… hmmm… just not really us. So, what exactly was "us"? Well we'd both recently dug out our mother's old sewing machines and taught ourselves to quilt and even made a few dresses for our daughters. Maybe that was "us" – quilting, children, nostalgia, and an obsession with all things retro and vintage.

Without further ado, I made a few sketches, dug through my quilting fabric, and stitched up a vintage inspired retro dress for my daughter Madigan. Well, it barely fit over her head and the arms were way too tight but she looked... adorable! A quick trip to Jenn's to show off turned in to a major fabric shopping spree and the birth of Magpie & Mabel.

Now that you know us a little bit better, feel free to look around--if you like what you see and are eager for more, please check out our website at

Thanks for stopping by and we hope that you visit again soon...happy shopping!

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.