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Announcement   Welcome! Feel free to look around at my shop which contains originals and prints of my Illustrations and other artwork. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message :)


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Welcome! Feel free to look around at my shop which contains originals and prints of my Illustrations and other artwork. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message :)

Megan Balli

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Megan Balli


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My Fairytale Childhood

I was born and raised in a rural town about 12 hours north of the border in British Columbia, Canada. It was a unique, and in my opinion, spectacular place to experience childhood. I spent most of my time outdoors even during the winter; which reminds me... I don't remember owning a pair of mittens or gloves. It's okay though, my mom took care of me just fine-- I was given an old pair of socks to use. I bet I probably owned mittens and just ended up losing them all the time, and my mom eventually gave up on me. Yah, that's more likely than just not having owned any.

It really was so cold sometimes... I have quite a few memories standing outside with my sister in complete darkness in unbelievably low temperatures of the early morning, waiting for the school bus to come pick us up. It never helped that we always seemed to be running late and didn't have time to blow-dry our hair. It wasn't just damp, but soaking wet-- which is why our hair turned instantly to ice the second we stepped outside. The worst was when the bus ran late and we just stood there shivering and breaking the icicles off of our hair with our mitten-less fingers. If the bus was really late, we'd also do science experiments to see if our spit would freeze before hitting the ground while taking turns watching out for the abominable snowman. I don't know why we didn't wear hats to keep us warmer? No mittens, no hats... we just couldn't keep track of anything. My mom tried to put old socks on our heads too but they wouldn't fit.

At least the summers were amazing! I loved exploring the area around us with my siblings and cousins who lived nearby. We searched for colorful wildflowers, played in the creeks and ponds, looked for rundown sheds and buildings to play in, swam in the crystal clear freezing lakes, and hiked through the forests, meadows and hills. I'm still a bit baffled today how none of us ever ended up getting mauled by an angry-mama grizzly bear, a territorial moose, hungry wolves, or Bigfoot. I'll just chalk it up to pure luck.

Every summer we often came across wild strawberries, raspberries, saskatoons and other treats we would indulge in. My mom made deals with us that if we brought home berries for her then she'd make us jam and pies... I can only recall one time we actually brought home enough without having eaten them up first. Whose to blame, they were deliciously delicious. She probably knew we wouldn't come back with any berries. I'm sure it was just her way of kicking us out of the house so she could enjoy her quiet time and not be compelled to share any of her chocolate stash with us.

We really had so much fun playing around. There were unspoken games and competitions such as 'who could find and smash the biggest meadow mushroom", and "jokes on you when you get an unwanted surprise cow patty thrown your way". Mischievous us! I know, it's gross, but who cares when you practically live outside with your friend cows, and don't care about fashion? Me and my siblings' 'fashion' sense consisted of ginormous t-shirts that hung below our knees, dirty old jeans or shorts (that you couldn't see cus they were shorter than the t-shirts), and unbrushed hair... we were quite the gems to look at!

Speaking of gems, we often searched for gold in the natural rocks around our house, but of course never found anything, (because we had no idea what we were doing)-- all I knew was that one day we'd become billionaires. Our gold digging adventures were inspired because my dad and his brother, who actually did mine for gold and jade, found some success. My dad also trapped and sold lynx cat to Alaska, which I loved to stop by the cages and observe them... and also not listen to him when he told me to not stick my finger in the cage. I learned my lesson. I just wish he would've encouraged me to give up on my Snow White passion for dangerously wild animals. Would've saved me some deep heartache. However, it turns out I did become an animal whisperer to our farm friends, which was great! I had a friend sheep named Popcorn. She loved me.

I could go on with many memories and stories to share... but I'm going to wrap up and somehow tie my fairytale childhood together with my artwork, ready?!

When it was too cold to play outside, I spent a lot of time with my family and friends hanging out playing games. When I was on my own, I mostly enjoyed painting and drawing, a lot. I wrote too, but my journals were filled up halfway with artwork instead.

Fast-forward many years later, and I ended up a BFA in Illustration. I still enjoy creating art to this day! I certainly have technical goals to continue learning and improving my artwork, but I mostly just have a great desire to share the rich experiences I had from my childhood through writing and visual art. If I can figure out how to tell my story well enough with paper and paint, I will be happily living part of my artistic dream :)


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    Hello! My name is Megan Balli. I live in Smithfield, Utah with my husband and our three cute kids. I love to create art! As an artist, I hope I can add a bit a flavor or a smile to someone's day in this image-saturated world of ours :)

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