MELCHIORES' Shop Announcement

Most all of the items I'm selling are either ANTIQUE(in the truest sense of the word), VINTAGE or COLLECTIBLE. There are a few odds & ends that are newer, but not many. Be sure to visit MIKE's GARAGE - these are items that I was unable to classify, as I ran out of more definitive sections in which to place them. Also, D's Jelly Beans - my wife's stuff - mostly Dolls, Doll Dresses and items with softer appeal. Some of the Garage items are expensive, some I believe the shipping would be more than the purchase price. If you don't see what you're looking for, please drop me a line, as I have numerous items that are not yet listed. Anyway - have fun!

I'm hoping that my shop truly offers diverse and eclectic, Antique, Vintage and Collectible items. If an item’s background is known, I’ll gladly share it with you. If you know something about an item, your expertise and/or advice would be welcomed. I generally do not: Wash, Dust, Refinish, Refurbish any item I'm selling and most often do not research; take close-ups or measurements – unless requested.
PLEASE - Ask as many questions as you wish, request additional photos - I’ll respond ASAP and be pleased to provide whatever additional information you wish - hopefully you'll see something that will turn you on.

NY born & bred - I've been collecting for close to 50 years (tough to contemplate). It started back in the mid 60's when I would frequent Second Hand shops in Jackson Heights & Corona in Queens, NY and scour the "dumps" in College Point on early Sunday mornings, looking for discarded furniture or lighting that I could "do something with" and sell. Worked for Pan American back then and went to Portugal & Morocco often to visit the FEIRA DA LADRA (Thieves Market) - Lisbon's Flea Market & Souks in Casablanca - Great flight(same plane) in those days - out Friday night, back late Sunday Night, with all the stuff I could carry.

Got into the Computer Business & my new company moved me to South Jersey in the late 60's and things really got nuts - being paid NYC scale in a somewhat depressed agrarian economy. Made my own hours, so In my spare time, when I wasn't building Motorcycles (a long gone passion) and hanging out at the Jersey Shore (those really were the days), I was knocking on doors from Atlantic Highlands, Deal, Asbury, Neptune City down to Point P; buying mostly Oil Lamps, Stoneware & Wicker. Had kind of an unspoken competition with my dear friend John, but he was absolutely the KING of Oil Lamps & Crocks - Sorry I never got the chance to tell him.

Met several truly wonderful people of all races, religions and economic backgrounds, Miss Polly who lived in the woods and Sarah K (103 years old), who years later willed me 1st dibs on her possessions. The international attorney who had authentic Picasso's hanging in is antebellum home, along with innumerable Bronzes and a 9' German Grandfather clock with star sapphires embedded in all the numerals.

More to come...