MIDNIGHTinSEATTLE's Shop Announcement

Who we are....

Midnight in Seattle is the "Etsy home" of Midnight Blossom - A floral and botanical design shop in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood. For years now we have been dreaming up new ways to appreciate the plants and other gifts of nature that surround and inspire us every day.

What you'll find here...

Truly unique and inspired designs for your home...Maybe it's a Marimo (Japanese Moss Ball) aquarium - a tiny little underwater landscape where your Marimo can live happily in the shade...Or Tillandsia (Air plant) terrariums - Some are lush, featuring hand collected ocean driftwood, mosses, pebbles and other foresty items...some are a little sparkly, with crystals, geodes and other little treasures glistening in the sun. If you look closely, you might even find a little hermit hut hiding amidst the plants! You will also find thoughtfully designed wooden items, like our Tillandsia living walls, that synergize with plants and natural elements in an elegant and lasting homage to the natural world.

More than just the items we sell, perhaps the most important thing you will find is a dedication to quality and thoughtfulness in all of our designs. Nothing leaves our store unless we are sure that it is both healthy and sustainable. We spent over a year learning and perfecting the propagation of Marimo after one bad experience with the grower...now every mini-Marimo we sell has been propagated right here to ensure it's health. We apply that attention to detail to everything we create. Anything can be made to look beautiful in a photo...but that beauty can fade quickly if the elements haven't been chosen carefully. Our passion for what we do is evident in every piece.

Meet the owners...

Midnight Blossom is owned by Amoreena and Matthew Herbage (yes, that's our real last name!), a husband and wife team in Seattle.

Amoreena is a wizard with flowers, and approaches her designs (and most other things in life) with a playful, childlike enthusiasm that's utterly infectious! She has over 15 years of experience designing with floral and botanical elements, and a lifetime of experience romping through the forest seeking new inspiration.

Matthew is an artist at heart, and has a talent for recognizing beauty in the often overlooked. He has over a decade of experience as a woodworker, and an eye for detail and precision that adds a subtle but unmistakable quality to everything he creates.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.