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What Is Our Business...? Colored Gemstones!!!

◊ Welcome to MJ Gemstones ◊

“Partnering with Artistic Jewelers and Creative Designers”


Thank you for taking an interest in our gemstones! We are an importer, dealer, and wholesaler of loose natural gemstones.

We have experience working with customers from many different backgrounds. Our clients include independent jewelers, artistic designers, art show exhibitors and brick & mortar jewelry stores.

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Our inventory has grown over the years and we have many gemstones that are not listed on Etsy.
◊ Contact us and we will send you our full inventory list: matt [!at]

We are continuously receiving new gemstones. Our new acquisitions are post at our website.
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Just enter the type, shape or color that you're looking for into the "search in this shop" bar.

If you have any questions or do not find what you need, just send me a convo, I'd be happy to help you out!


Matthew Jolman, G.G.

matt [!at]

◊◊◊ What Are Gemstones?

Each gemstone is a piece of art produced by traditional lapidary methods, beginning with loose gemstones being cut from a natural crystal. The shape of the finished loose gemstone is normally determined by the shape of the rough. Standard gem shapes are pear, emerald, oval, round, heart, trillion, square, and half-round domed cabochon.

The precious stone can be calibrated by the gem cutter to specific sizes for easy mounting. If there is enough material, a parcel, or parcels can be cut from the same lot of rough. Most high-end center stones and engagement stones are rare one-of-a-kind pieces and are not calibrated.

◊◊◊ Who Uses Our Gems?

Our gem craft supplies can be used by an artistic jewelry designer or professional jeweler to make creative jewelry. Many jewelers use the lost wax casting technique, which allows the artisan to make a single custom piece such as a ring, pendant, necklace, engagement ring, cocktail ring, right-hand ring, or bracelet. A cottage industry seller normally makes many custom pieces at one time in order to streamline their process and be efficient.

Jewelers and custom artisans have set our genuine gems into many types of settings. These settings include rings (cocktail rings, engagement rings, and right-hand rings), custom pendants, necklaces, earrings (matching pair), bracelets, and wire wrapped jewelry. Cottage industry sellers and artistic creative jewelry designers have also used our gems for their jewelry creations.

◊◊◊ What Do You Mount Gemstones Into?

Our unique stones are also used for lost wax casting, stone setting, OOAK jewelry making, engagement rings, wire wrapping, and general DIY (jewelry) supply. Our customers buy our stones for a wide range of purposes, including gem collecting, as gifts, birthday presents, and wedding presents.

Material that jewelry designers use to mount our gems include gold (14k, 18k, 22k), silver, platinum, palladium, tungsten, steel, jewelers wire, wood, bone, carved antler, cloth, and metal clay.

◊◊◊ Gemology Study Aids?

Gemology students use our gems for study stones. The gemologist uses a binocular microscope to learn about the inclusions in a study stone. The inclusion scene can tell you about the gem’s origin and whether it has been treated. Other tools used by gemologists are the 10x triplet jeweler’s loupe, dichroscope, refractometers, polariscope, color filter (Chelsea filter), tweezers, spectroscope, and UV lights. These gemological tools can be found for sale on the internet.

◊◊◊ Where Do Natural Gems Come From?

All gemstones are mined from the earth, from many exotic localities around the world. Different mines can produce different colors of the same type of gem. Some of the more common places include Montana, USA, Burma (Myanmar), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Nigeria, Madagascar) Brazil, Columbia, and Mexico.

◊◊◊ Other Names?

Gemstones are called by many different names, such as, “loose gems”, “precious gems”, and “semi-precious gems”. Sometimes the names are a bit vague: “faceted stones”, “cabochons”, “AAA quality supply”, “study stones”, “rare mined crystals”, “beads”, “jewels”, or, bluntly, “a rock”. These slang words and phrases for gems are constantly changing. All the cool cats call them “sparkly bling” or “rocks” :-)

matt [!at]

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