MOONbowARTworks' Shop Announcement

Welcome, and thanks for your interest in what I love to do! My work is inspired by the beauty and wonder of Nature and the unfailing love and support of Spirit. It is a portrait of who I am and who I dream of being. The work comes from dreams, meditations, journeys and my day to day story called life. Lately, it has become a means to "reproduce" what I felt while pregnant and during the experience of giving birth to my beautiful son. It has also been a way to process the transition of being a single person maneuvering through the world to becoming a mother.

I am thankful for my artwork. It is what gives me myself when I feel absent. It makes me a whole person. It is my meditation, my mantra, my means of bringing focus to my sometimes chaotic brings me Center. It speaks of who I am...without is a depiction of the true essence of me.
In Joy,
Jen Otey