Maaou's Shop Announcement

My Little Bazaar is slowly growing.

There it is!
I just started the STOCKINGS AND KNEE HIGH section of the shop, kudos!
I have a lot of ideas, materials, fabrics, ... but I'm still working on it, and it takes time to create a "simple" pair of stockings...
Getting a perfect idea of what I want to create, then sewing everything together (I'm still trying different techniques before choosing how I'll make the final garment), then beeing sure it's perfect (and undoing/sewing again if necessary). When this is done, there is still work ahead: the photos! I must pick an outfit that suits well, wait for the good conditions (light, disponibility of my dear photographer!...), find a nice place... Then I must choose the best pictures, and this is the time when I can finally put a new pair on Etsy!
I really hope to be able to show you a new model each week in the following weeks. I'm currently working on one...

A foretaste of stockings and over the knee socks to come?
Red, grey, black, purple ... Polkadots, Liberty... Little swallows, shiny graphic flowers and tiny clouds to remind you that summer is still here in your head, even if winter's coming.


Anyway, WELCOME, feel free to "walk around the shop", and please ask any question you may have!