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Original Oil Paintings, Kitchen Art, Giclee Prints

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Sarah Keller

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Sarah Keller


Color and Design

In case you haven't already guessed...I am crazy about color! There is so much beauty in God's creation, and I want to share with you what I see.

My paintings reflect the fundamentals of classical art I studied for 6 years, as well as my passion for modern design and aesthetics...the old with the new. The colors and shapes I choose are bold and contemporary, and I am obsessed with saying more with less...the beauty of simplicity.

My award-winning work hangs in numerous private collections and has been featured in venues such as the Quayside Gallery in Pensacola, Florida; the Greenwich Workshop Gallery in Seymour, Connecticut; the Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio, Texas; and most prominently the cover of the August 2012 issue of Southwest Art.

Everyone yearns for beauty in their home and everyday living. Beauty has the power to heal and inspire the human spirit, and that's why I paint and design...

See what I'm working on now on my website or my blog or my facebook page!

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Frequently asked questions

How long will my painting last?

By following a few simple rules of preservation and care, you and your family can enjoy a painting for generations. A painting’s beauty can endure for centuries which is why it’s a wonderful investment.

Care instructions

Painting’s will require an occasional dusting. Use a soft, clean micro fiber cloth or a very soft, clean brush set aside for this purpose. Dust the surface with a very careful, light touch to avoid scratching.

Protect your painting from extreme temperatures, temperature changes, and moisture which can all cause the paint to crack. Do not hang a painting in direct sunlight or store it in extreme darkness. Avoid hanging your painting near air conditioning vents, doors and windows, fireplaces, and in bathrooms.

Paintings need good clean air. Do not allow exposure from pollutants or smoke from any source including cigarettes, fireplaces, or candles. Do not allow the painted surface to be touched by fingers.

Why are the colors fading in my painting?

For a painting to looks its best, it requires a varnishing 9 months to a year after its creation when it has dried completely. I give my paintings a preliminary varnishing with retouch varnish to bring out its color, but this is not a final varnish. A year after purchase if you start to notice the colors have faded somewhat, remove the painting from its frame and varnish with a glossy, non-yellowing, oil painting varnish. I like to use Grumbacher varnish in a spray can and follow the instructions on the label.