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Welcome to Madame FruFru Wichypoo's Enchanted Stardust Shop, where you will find items that will help you to make your hopes and dreams come true. Just add a wish and a pinch of stardust and watch the magic happen!


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Fancypants Hats

I am known as the hat lady of Salem, MA. I have been successfully selling my hats there for 5 years. Its great fun to see people in the crowds wearing hats I have made over the years, and have gotten only positive feedback from my customers, who tell me their friends and family rave about how beautiful they are. I will be back in Salem on Saturdays for the month of October, but this is the first time I am selling them on-line. They are all well made, with no skimping on the decorations. These hats are suitable for wearing, but they also make a stunning Halloween centerpiece decoration when perched on a hat stand or large candlestick. I have never seen hats to rival mine, and I'm very proud of each and every one of them. I'm sure you will be proud to own one. Happy Haunting, my pretty witches!