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Hello I'm Maggie, I have custom made-to-order items listed in my “Etsy shop,” and that means, you order and then I make it. The pictures in the listings are prior custom orders and shown only for example. I rarely have any “ready made” items for sale because I make everything custom or made to order.

Do you want to make your own? See my tutorial Shop open in the spring of 2015 where the tutorials I made show how I do it.

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MaggiesCornerDotOrg is dedicated to recycle efforts, and all proceeds go to the upcycling operation cost and educational programs provided by MaggiesCornerDotOrg.
All items are custom made and great care is taken to assure quality in construction as well as design. So please be patient, and be assured that Maggie is making your item with tender loving care!

We are not affiliated in any way with the companies on any of the materials that we upcycle.

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1. All recycled bags are completely processed by either pulling apart the glued seam, or by cutting a new opening along the side of the bag so that the bag can lay open flat for washing and disinfecting.
2. All bags are opened flat and scrubbed with cleaning and disinfecting solutions on both sides of the bag. Some bags require soaking to disinfectant and remove stains, That is done in a large plastic container when the bags are submersed in a disinfecting solution of chlorine water.
3. Washed bags are hung on line to dry, once dry, the bags are ready to be cut-out for sewing just as any other material.
4. All totes and other items are constructed with great care for durability as well as aesthetics!
My mission in upcycling items, such as feed bags and coffee bags, and other materials that are being discarded into our burgeoning landfills worldwide everyday, is to promote awareness for recycling. I want to develop a community center where I and volunteers will share ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle and keep our handcrafting traditions alive by teaching others.

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I developed a handout that I titled "Don't Throw that Away!" for a class I teach.
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Please consider starting a sewing group in your area to make the items for sale in your community to raise awareness for recycling.Recycled coffee bags and feedbags are a little different to work with than regular material. The biggest difference is the treatment of raw edges. I have made many sewing tutorials showing step by step how I make the items that I sell. See tutorials here

Question and Answer Day is Tuesday Central Time 10:00 am to 12:00 pm (NOON)
Call 850-665-7699 This call in is for Questions and Answers about the online Tutorials, Workshops, and Classes. You are also welcome to call to discuss your order or to ask about a custom order you want me to design and make for you.

This shop accepts Etsy Gift Cards.