MagicalOddities' Shop Announcement

Take home a bit of imagination!
Our team of adventurers is scouring the realms of imagination to find oddities to bring home to you. Our Faeries are the first of these. Expect more Magical Oddities to come!

Here we sell faeries and other magical items and creatures found and created in the realms of the imagination. Our beautiful faeries (or fairies if you prefer) are very vain and would love a home where they will be admired and adored! Please convo me with any questions you may have about Magical Oddities, our products, or myself. I’ll find the answers in my crystal ball! If you'd like to learn a little about us or follow the progress and meanderings of Magical Oddities you can read the blog:

Everything is more fun with a story so here is ours: Magical Oddities is a traveling wagon that funds adventurous expeditions into the imagination. Our adventurers go out in search of new and exciting Magical Oddities to bring back and sell to the public ~ thereby funding their exploration! The adventurers have been out of contact for some time, hopefully dragons haven’t eaten them . . .

The faeries we sell hang around camp hoping to be sold to a loving owner who will dote on them - our faeries believe this is a very important trait in their human. Vain little faeries . . .