MagickalIntentions' Shop Announcement

You are entering into
a Special Place... a Sacred Space,
where all is made with Magickal Intentions.

Walking a Celtic Path, I am a Druid-In-Training.
One who wishes to Walk in Balance.....
helping Others to do the Same.

Whether it's Prayer Beads, made of real gemstones,
to help focus your Intentions;
Magickal Oils, blended of fine essential oils
to Sooth or Stimulate the Spirit;
a One-of-a-Kind Clothing Piece of Linen or Silk
to help define your Inner Self.....
you will always find a little Magick!

I hope you stop by often; because New Items will be added frequently.
Just as in Life, this Place will be evolving.
If you like what you see....Let me know. Or just share your thoughts.

I believe we all need to expand, grow, Live.
Life is but a moment, so,
May all the Moments of your Life include Magick!