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5 months

I only have 2 of these left! Grab one while you can, there probably won't be a restock!

10 months

These lovelies finally arrived! yellow_heartheartblue_heart They are now back in stock as either a necklace, phone strap or keyring! grin

11 months

I only have a few of these Sesshomaru crests left! astonished I am planning a restock but that may not be for at least a couple of weeks. So be quick if you're wanting one soon! kissing_heart

1 year

My Halloween range is now up and ready to bring some spook into your life! skulljack_o_lanternghost

2 years

I've been working on a custom order today, turning my Kokeshi Dolls into keyrings! sparkles I can do this with any of my phone strap charms at no extra cost so if you would prefer this style please get in touch kissing_heart

2 years

I'm playing around with designs right now for these new super cute wooden bases! sparkling_heart