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— Lewis Carroll -- Through the Looking Glass

MaineKilnWorks' Shop Policies


YOU & I are hand & glove — without your support and encouragement I would be lost with no base to explore and share my creative potential. Your visit to my store is genuinely appreciated.

HAND CRAFT — All items are made by myself alone. I formulate and mix my own clay and glazes and build many of my kilns and most of my shop equipment. I use ▲10 glazes that are fired in both oxidation and reduction on pieces that are wheel thrown, jiggered, slab built, slip cast, or pressed from both stoneware and porcelain.

VALUE — My work is not inexpensive. My high standards and eclectic interests require unique processes and unusual equipment which I design and fabricate. I only list pieces I would use as my own or would offer as gifts to my closest friends. Quality cannot be done cheaply and is never an accident.

PHOTOS — The pieces photographed are the actual pieces that you will receive. The decision to purchase a listed item requires your trust. I go to considerable length to be sure my photos accurately show the unique characteristics of each item.

VARIATION — The hand craft process lends individuality to each piece and though set pieces are quite similar, no two piece are every exactly the same. This variation in form and glaze tone is an inherent aspect of hand work.

PHILOSOPHY — Your appreciation fuels my enthusiasm for continuing hand craft in a world largely dominated by manufactured goods. Your sensitivity to beauty and simplicity helps me aspire to a higher standard.

QUESTIONS — Please contact me if you have questions about a listed item or if you have requests for custom work. It is very important to hear your feelings and suggestions regarding my work so I may continue to grow and improve it.


OPTIONS — PayPal is the most efficient way to pay and will allow me to ship more quickly. Though your shipment may be delayed—I will accept your credit card, check or money order if you contact me for these payment options.

ADDRESS — I will ship to your Etsy address unless you provide alternate shipping address or instructions.

TAXES — There is no sales tax (excepting a 5.5% Maine state sales tax for shipments within my home state) but cross border shipments are frequently subject to country based customs fees.


METHODS — I ship either UPS, FedEx or USPS Priority—the cost of which is included in the price for US delivery. I ship in new corrugated cartons and double box all international shipments so that your piece will arrive in perfect condition . Forty years of shipping experience should inspire confidence in my ability to safely and efficiently deliver your purchase.

INSURANCE — I insure the safe delivery of all shipments and will promptly compensate you for any damage or loss. In the unlikely event (I pack with extreme care) that your piece does arrives damaged; send me a photograph of the flaw, then a photo of the piece reduced to rubble by your preferred blunt object. Seeing the original put out of misery, I will promptly dispatch your replacement or refund.

FEES — Buyers accept all responsibility for any customs fees, taxes, or duties in their home country. The following link will clarify important international shipping issues:

Refunds and Exchanges

RETURN — If you are not pleased with your purchase you don't have to keep it. We are happy to accept returns as long as you contact us in advance and return ship within 10 days of receipt. My primary goal is a satisfied and HAPPY client who appreciates and makes daily use of my work.

PACKING — If you decide to return ship, you should carefully evaluate the re-useability of our original shipping carton and packing material. The fact that corrugated cartons loose much of their strength during 1st use prompts us to always use new cartons for all of our shipments. If your return shipment arrives damaged—you (as the shipper) will assume insurance responsibility.

COST — You are responsible for all return shipping costs including insurance. Upon receipt of your undamaged return we will promptly issue a return credit to your billed account.

DAMAGE — We insure the safe delivery of all shipments and will replace any damaged piece or issue a prompt refund. We ask that you retain the damaged carton and contents (for a reasonable period) as the shipper may or may not request inspection.

Additional Policies and FAQs

GUARANTEE — All of our work is carefully examined to guaranteed the quality and physical integrity of the piece prior to shipment. We will carefully consider any dissatisfaction which may arise and we will go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy the needs of our customers without whom we would have no business or income. If after receipt you find you are not pleased with your purchase—we would be happy to honor your return.

FOOD SAFE — All of my work (with rare noted exceptions) has been food safe tested and is in continuous use in our home kitchen. My work have been additionally confirmed as dish washer safe.

OVEN USE — All of our pieces can be safely used in ovens (both convection or micro-wave) as long as the pieces are not subject to rapid heat shock. For example—our ceramic work should be pre-heated with a convection oven and should not be placed cold in a pre-heated oven (the heat shock of which could damage the piece). One must carefully manage MICRO-WAVE settings to minimize heat shocking the piece. The micro-wave may be small but they are muscular midgets. Be assured that we personally use our work in both oven types and have done for many many years. However (since we have no control over how you will apply our pieces to your ovens) we can offer no guarantee of your safe use in your own kitchen appliances.

CUSTOM WORK — I do many custom orders and encourage you to contact me if you have a custom request. I do limit this to projects which interest me because I need enthusiasm to do quality work.

RESELLER — Wholesale inquiries from established retailers will be carefully considered (orders paid in advance of shipment). Consignments have a curious tendency to unbalance the mutual benefits.

Seller Information


Dan Weaver
Maine Kiln Works / Water Stone Sink
115 S Gouldsboro Road
Gouldsboro, Maine 04607

dan [!at]
Maine State Tax Certificate # 0241161

Last Updated February 16, 2014