ManaMocs' Shop Announcement

The first pair of Mana Mocs was inspired by a Goddess and has since been requested by many of her Goddess and God Friends as well as various fairies, sprites and other manifestations of the magic creatures. Mana is commonly interpreted as “the stuff of which magic is formed.” Mana Mocs are handmade with the best leather available. Each hide is hand picked for quality and character. The types of leather used are typically Buffalo, Elk, Deer, Goat (kid), and Cow. Most of our moccasins are made with Buffalo as the hand is much more supple and the leather is more resilient. We also put a very durable latex foam insole in every pair for comfort. All stitching is done by hand with a heavy waxed nylon thread and or leather lacing. Every moccasin we list will have a material description so you know exactly what it is made out of. The Moccasins should fit snug like a water sock and will rapidly form to your foot. We have made the sizes as close to Standard US shoe sizes as possible and have had no problems reported for fit quality or comfort. Mana Mocs are intended to propagate a positive connection with the Divine. Our Motto is “Walk with Spirit”.