MangoDragonfly's Shop Announcement

“I write for the person who sees creating a meal as a devotional for those they care for and sitting down and breaking shared bread as a love-filled, soul-full act.

Whether preparing something for yourself or to share with others, cooking is creation…a wishful prayer and a love spell. So relax…breathe deeply…open your heart and enjoy!” from “Love Fest”

In 2010, I jumped off the carousel and ditched a long, successful career to pursue my default stuck in traffic daydream of being a writer. The first manuscript took a year, most of it filled with long walks in the woods and even longer periods of sitting and staring at the computer.
Writing under the whimsical pseudonym Mango Dragonfly… part favorite crazy aunt, part wizened kitchen witch, part social philosopher …I spilled out a cedar chest crammed full of notes, clippings, dream kitchen porn and stolen restaurant menus to create a four part, food-packed, heart-filled, sensuous valentine to the seasons. Together they feature over 400 recipes peppered with cooking tips, inspired quotes, quirky personal musings and an abundance of lore, legend and trivia.
As a bonus, at the back of each book is an added informative reference section that includes missing ingredient substitution ideas, measurement conversions, fruit and vegetable equivalencies and meat cooking temperatures.