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I love designing sewing patterns for my clients so they can enjoy sewing my designs at home
I am guilty of enjoying too much what I do and to overpowering my designs with too much cuteness.
My Studio is an explosion of Color and cute stuff.


1. I am perfectionist and extremely happy about my work.

2. I don't lie . If I try I can suffer a laugh attack or you can see my nose growing.

3. I am Crazy about color, paper and little containers. My studio is full of those and I can never have enough.

4. I am always losing my socks. I simply can not keep them in pairs, even when I am wearing them.

5. I call my mother at least 2 times every day.

6. I’m terrified of Horror movies, I have to close my eyes even during the previews on a cinema.

7. I love Pasta, I got married in Rome and I adore chick flicks. I am a romantic girl. That's me !

8. I decided not to grow like Peter Pan ! I have a little girl in my heart that help me see the world like an amazing happy place :)

9. I don't like mean people.

10. I love notebooks, I have an extensive collection of pretty paper and notebooks, you don't know when you can need a nice paper to write down a great idea.


This the creative journey of a daily dreamer, this is what you do when people tell you that you are not talented enough to be an artist.. you create awesome!

When I was 16 my art teacher told me that I was not good enough to be an artist and I believed what she said. You believe everything when you are 16!. That Day I stopped drawing and started writing. Ten years after, I recovered myself and gave back me the opportunity to try again. I recalled my dream and I started following my heart so in 2008 I started building Mariapalito. I am an Architect who decided to get back to my passion for Arts, Crafts and Design. I decided to leave my corporate job to turn my passion into a business: my small detailed handcrafted toys and an explosion of colorful die cuts and paper goods.

I started dreaming about being my own boss (I don't like being told what to do!) and to be able to build my own life from scratch. I rebuilt myself and found the love of life: my husband. I left everything to be in his arms and it was like to be reborn. I moved from Colombia, South America to the United States. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it, but I knew who I didn't want to be.

I started from zero to what I have today. I learned how to do everything by myself from how to make my own website to sew hand-stitched toys. I feel so proud of each one of my successes and failures. I feel that I am following my own creative destiny and that I designed who I wanted to be.

Now I am happy and busy all the time! I have had + 8.500 sales only in my Handmade Etsy shop, I have the best costumers ever and I love every single day that I wake up ready to work! I woke up every day earlier than the previous and more excited about the possibilities that a new day brings to me. I am thankful for each of my clients; I celebrate every single sale with a happy dance :)

It is huge for me to look back and know that I was brave enough to believe in myself when other people didn’t.

Recently I created a club for people who like you enjoy sewing toys following my patterns. The Club is called “The Pattern hub”, You can subscribe for $65 dollars and get 24 patterns in a 1 full year membership plus exclusive access to the content. I invite you to visit or you can order your membership here:
Maria Jose
owner, maker, designer, curator, Independent Toy Designer and Party Designer
My name is Maria Jose; I am a full-time freelance designer, crafter, dreamer, web-designer, blogger and wife! I am totally in love with what I do and with who I am when I am in my studio creating magical and cute creatures.
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