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In western culture art is mostly separated from daily life. Ceramics in the form of bowls or vases can bring back the possibility of that connection.
Pottery has the unique quality of being able to be handled as opposed to paintings. In fact it is vital and inescapable because of it's use. The surface marks I make, create the physical connection between your hands and the shape of the pot. They are what give each pot it's own personality. Each pot tells it's own story. And through it's use, placement or grouping with other pieces it has the ability to become part of a new story.

My pieces are - like myself and my children - the product of a cultural melting pot. Created equally, with the same set of genes so to say, but absolutely not from the same mold. I give them form, but each one is encouraged to develop it's own character. I may look at them in a certain way; I may have had intentions on what they would become, but I expect them to take on a life of their own when they leave my house.

I am currently working on my Artifacts Collection. This is a collection of decorative yet functional ceramic art inspired by post bronze age Mediterranean cultures and ritual Asian bronzes. All pieces are one of a kind wheel-thrown and hand-altered, then glazed and fired to hues ranging from patinaed copper bronze to turquoise in a gas or electric kiln to cone 6 or 10.

My Artifacts Collection has been inspired by treasures that I imagine litter the floor of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas. Casualties - or better - survivors of centuries of Greco-Roman and Sasanid wars. I picture the Hellespont where entire fleets perished - triremes and galleons to the last man, while their possessions, scattered and buried in sand, still offer testimony to not only the battles these empires fought and lost, but moreover to the cultural osmosis that ensued. As a result forever enriching and influencing each society's heritage and ultimately ours.
The collection is an ode to the few surviving artifacts that bore witness to these unspeakable battles and bloodshed. Whether designed for Gods, mortals or heroes, once disgorged from the bowels of their ships, these pots or vases - what ever you may call them, were fated to play host to octopi and other sea-life in peaceful times. Their patina, chips and cracks revealing scars of centuries of scouring sand, shells, coral and rocks.

You can find my items in person at the Bainbridge Island Studio Tour and at the new Bainbridge Island Art Museum Store starting mid September

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