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when you do something you truly love, it finds itself into all different aspects of your life.
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halloween treat sacks are one of my favorite seasonal products to make each year!
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Behind The Seamstress:: My Sewing Story

A few years ago, I couldn’t sew a straight line to save my life. Shocking i know — I’ve always been crafty, ready to take on a big, sparkly, fabric-y project…. as long as it didn’t involve a sewing machine. Two years into our marriage, i found out my husband could sew & I obviously employed him as my personal sewist, making me all sorts of fun & pretty things!!

As my list continued to grow of items he had made for me, a few of my friends began requesting similar items, which he grudgingly sewed after working all day to make a few extra bucks. Shortly after requests began coming in for these items, I opened an etsy shop — we called it The Threaded Needle at the time & sold a variety of hodge podge items. Caleb would patiently try to teach me how to sew every now & then with little to no success.

The day finally came when Caleb was not around to sew an order that needed to go out that day – & so I swallowed my fear, sewed a total of ten stitches & popped that little package in the mail. Since that day, I haven’t looked back. It’s been a whirlwind of fabric, new sewing machines & taking over all available [& sometimes finagling for already occupied] closet space to store all of the supplies & goods that now make up the Marine Parents shop.

I decided to take the plunge & make Marine Parents more than just a hobby. I bought a new, stronger sewing machine & set to work making a variety of products. I changed the name of the shop from The Threaded Needle to Marine Parents. I invested in a nicer camera, read about proper lighting for product photography & studied product descriptions from shops that I admired. I built my shop as I would a business — && it immediately began paying off.

I also made sure to really invest in my customers — many of them were fans & readers from my previous blog that I had befriended over the previous years. Still others were random new friends who found me through etsy search engines. Everyone helped spread the word of my shop & my clientele continued to grow — & grows still to this day!!

I never tire of hearing buyers, fans & friends compliment me on my customer service — this was one part of my business that I wanted to focus on as part of my key to success. I started delving into intentional interaction with my fans & my sales nearly doubled the next month!!

I began tweaking my products as I continued to learn more & more about sewing. I learned so much from a dear blogging friend — from making sweet zipper pouches to understanding the working mechanisms of a sewing machine + more. I googled tutorials, I took tons & tons of custom orders [hey — I still do!!] & learned as I went. Listening & paying attention to what my customers wanted to shop for played hand in hand with my “customer is key” business ethos. I quickly became attuned to fabrics that my clientele loved just as much as I did. I found a flirty & feminine style that my customers could relate with & love as their own.

Even now, nearly five years into this fantastic venture, I’m still learning — I hope to never stop learning!! I hope to never stop loving my customers, my crazy work hours into the wee hours of the night, the feeling of butterflies in my stomach when my phone chimes for a new order in my shop.

Thank you for letting me share my story & my passion with you! I hope you find something in my shop that you will love enough to call your own!
owner, designer, maker, curator, & anything else that needs handling! :]
Hi there!

I'm the seamstress behind Marine Parents. I adore sewing beautiful products. God continues to bless me by allowing me to share my spiritual gifts through sewing beautiful products for you to love as your own!


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