Here is the beginning of a Betta Fish pin/hairpin/necklace combo I have been working on.
Looking a bit more Betta Fishy!
Here is the outline!
Filigree fish level: 90% Complete. Stay tuned for an update!

Designed and Handmade by Marla Bee

My name is Marla and I am a young aspiring jewelry artist.

My goal and dream was to go to school for jewelry design, and I got in! I am currently attending the Fashion Institute of Technology for Jewelry Design and Gemology. Every purchase you make helps me pay for school!

I put a lot of time into researching the history and fun facts of stones and symbols and writing my descriptions, so please give them a close read if you would like to learn more about the jewelry you are looking at. If you purchase an item that has a "meaning" you like, please feel free to purchase a "meaning card" along with your piece. You can find the listing by typing "meaning card" in the search bar.

Please understand that these stones or symbols are symbolic and the descriptions are based on history, tradition, and legend. They are not meant to treat any ailments of the body, heart, mind, or otherwise, however I do encourage you to find something that has a personal meaning to you, and if you do, I would love to hear your story.

All my items are designed and handmade by me. I also take care of photographing, listing, researching, packing, and shipping my items.

Every item you see in my shop will only be made once. Your new item will be an honest to goodness one of a kind unique piece of wearable art.

Most of my items contain some sort of vintage or eco-friendly element to them. I like to use vintage beads and findings, and left behind metal scraps, and often find myself making old jewelry into something new and shiny.

All vintage supplies are cleaned before reuse with either baking soda and peroxide or rubbing alcohol, and all stretchy bracelets are restrung to ensure you are getting the newest and cleanest item possible.

Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions or sizing requirements.
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My name is Marla. I am 23 years old and I have been making jewelry since April of 2012. Ok, well, really, I have been making jewelry since I was 6. Plastic Lisa Frank beads count, right?
Handmade By Marla