MartianStormsStudio's Shop Announcement

Martian Storms Studio was created in 2012
The main idea of Martian Storms Studio project is to create a colorful memory stories on canvas about Ancient Home of Humanity

Today in our studio work two young artists. We are inspired by what is happening in the sky at night, when the human eye can see light that is so close and so far from us. Somewhere in outer space. Today we have the opportunity to know in what beautiful colors The Universe is drawn. With the help of the Hubble, Chandra and Spitzer, we see a riot of color of born and dying stars, galaxies, planets.

We are passionate about what makes feel us not lonely in this space. Mars - a planet that has been alive for many years and died. Now the terrible dust storms live on it. But when the weather is calm and clear, we can see the ancient river bed, we see amazing landscapes and traces of secrets.

Each our painting is the one story about experience of evocation. We like to believe that there is a time when Mars was alive like the Earth. And our artists paint this life as they feel. We want to think that our passion of the Mars is a memory that everybody has somewhere deep insight. We think this old memory helps people to discover Mars and to get a delight of this recognition. The Mars makes us hear a powerful evocation of past and future. What wonders it holds for us! It gives us the impression of majesty divine. We are the heritage of this magnificent planet - The Mars.