MattSchrierPhoto's Shop Announcement

Thank you for visiting my Etsy shop of scenic photography. I love creating compelling photographs of animals in the wild, and some tame animals as well. Other areas of interest are travel photography, and also scenic photography especially if it involves water, the beach, or the sun.

I will make every effort to complete your order in a very timely manner. Please contact me if you have any special requests or questions about my products. Many common questions are answered below.

>> Frequently Asked Questions <<

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Ordering and Shipping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Can you convert images to B&W?

Absolutely. Many images look great in B&W format. Option #1 is to go ahead and order the prints you like, and add a note to the order about B&W conversion. I will reply quickly with sample conversion(s) for you to approve before I proceed with the order. Option #2 is to send me an e-mail with the image(s) you are interested in, and I can send you sample conversions to review before ordering.

What happens after I order?

I will send a personal e-mail response to your order, usually from my Gmail account. Please check your e-mail account associated with Etsy to see my e-mails. I check e-mail frequenty, so unless I am on a business trip I will respond to all orders and other requests within a few hours.

I will provide an estimate of when your order will be ready, which can vary by a few days depending on when your order was placed. When your order is shipped I will follow-up with another e-mail to let you know.

How long will it take to get my order?

Unmatted and matted prints will take me about 3-4 business days to make. Framed and canvas prints may take as long as 2 weeks. Then add shipping transit time on top of that. I use USPS Priority mail, which usually takes 1-3 days to ship from Pennsylvania.

How will my print or frame be packaged?

Prints are shipped in protective plastic sleeves. I ship all prints in quality shipping boxes (e.g. not shoe boxes), usually recycled from my print and frame suppliers. The products are well protected with bubble wrap and other packaging material. In the last seven years I have not had any problems with products that I have shipped. This includes framed prints with glass.

What if I don't like my order?

I will replace any order that arrives damaged or otherwise does not meet your expectations. In the unusual event that you are significantly dissatisfied I will gladly refund your money.

Would you ship to Canada?

Yes I can ship small to medium-sized packages to Canada. Please contact me for a shipping quote.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ About Me and my Photography ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

What camera do you use?

First of all I don't believe that the brand or model of camera matters all that much when participating in a hobby that requires many other important attributes, such as patience, anticipation, planning, and imagination. But for those that really want to know I am currently using a Nikon D90 SLR. I don't have a strong opinion on camera models, mainly because I really don't bother keeping up-to-date on new models until I am ready for a new camera.

Are you a professional photographer?

No. My "day-job" is that of a software engineer for a Fortune 500 company. Photography is mainly my hobby that has turned into a side business. I began selling my work for two primary reasons: (1) to give me some outlet for my photos, rather than have them gather virtual dust in the depths of my computer hard drive, and (2) to make a little extra money, so the hobby at least pays for itself.

Do you use Digital or Film?

Digital, although this is not really a relevant question anymore. Digital cameras are now as good as, and in many cases better than, film cameras.

Do you manipulate/Photoshop your photos?

I use digital processing software on all my photos. Basic processing, such as color balance, sharpening, contrast, etc., is a necessary step in digital fine art photography. It is akin to the darkroom in film photography. Regarding "manipulation", or altering of an image for artistic purposes, the answer is "sometimes". When I do it is fairly obvious and I usually make note of it in the description.

~~~~~~~~~ About the Products (Prints, Frames, and Canvas) ~~~~~~~~~

Who makes your prints?

I use a high-end photo lab in the Midwest. Their quality is very good, their prices are reasonable, and their turn-around time is usually 1-day.

Do you use glass or clear acrylic in your frames?

I usually use glass, unless you request differently. I have tried using acrylic and it is very difficult to work with (e.g. removing dust is very difficult)

Are your prints archival?

Yes - I use all archival (acid-free) materials, except for the frames which are usually wood.

Do you do your own framing/matting?

Yes. I cut some mats by hand from full-sheets, but smaller mats are usually pre-cut. I order fully-constructed frames and I personally assemble the final piece including mat, glass, frame, backing paper, and hanger wire.

Do you make your own canvas prints?

Not any longer. I did for a time but I sold off my high-end printer. I now use a professional lab for my canvas prints.

What DPI are the prints?

This can be a misleading question, mainly because the final print sharpness depends on many factors. A low-res photo (or highly-cropped photo) can be "up-rezzed" to 300DPI, and the quality will not usually be as good as a true 300DPI image. On the other hand an "up-rezzed" image that was originally a very good exposure can look better than a true 300DPI image if the exposure was mediocre or poor. I try to ensure that all prints have sufficient sharpness for the size and style of the image (e.g. abstract images are not affected much by sharpness).

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